No matter where you live, you deserve high-speed internet access.

It's why CarolinaConnect is partnering with Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative to bring you a fiber optic network that delivers more. An affiliate of MCEC, CarolinaConnect is an internet service provider determined to improve internet access and, as a result, quality of life.

In the coming years, we'll connect communities both urban and rural to our lightning-fast fiber network, covering Mid-Carolina Electric's entire service area. Our technology is fast, reliable, and convenient. Our prices are affordable. And because we're of, by and for South Carolina's electric cooperatives, we hold ourselves to a higher service standard.

We know connected communities are healthier, more educated, and more prosperous communities. In bringing the online world to co-op members who currently face limited service options, we lay the groundwork for a future bright with possibility.

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Thank you for your interest in working with CarolinaConnect, an equal opportunity employer. At this time, we do not have any available employment opportunities. Resumes will be accepted when open positions are posted.